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Tuscania - monuments & MUSEUMS
Archaeological Museum of Tuscania

Museo Nazionale Etrusco, Via del Riposo
Tel. 0761.436209
Opening hours: 8.30 a.m. - 7.30 p.m. Closed Mondays.
Tickets: Free Entry
Just outside the walls, on the road leading to Marta is the Archaeological Museum in the ex-convent of Santa Maria del Riposo, containing artefacts from the many Etruscan tombs in the area, plus sacred art.

How to get there
Exit the old city and follow the signs to Marta (the Museum's just outside of town at the end of Viale Trieste).


Piazza Bastianini

One of the main squares in town, and one of the easiest to reach (without having to go up and down the steep alleyways). The perfect setting for a summer concert, with its fountain by Vignola and the Cathedral of San Giacomo in the background (facade dates back to the 1500s). Contains an impressive marble tabernacle from the 15th Century.

The square, as in all Italian towns, is a popular meeting place and really comes to life in the Summer evenings with the shops open until late and the bar tables in the middle.


The Church of San Pietro - Tuscania

Tel. 0761.436486.
Opening hours: currently closed

This Lombard style church dominates the skyline of Tuscania, on the hill of the ancient acropolis.
Built in the 8th Century with subsequent additions and changes (and partially rebuilt after the earthquake in 1971), it contains three naves supported by roman columns, 12th century frescoes and a crypt with no fewer than 28 marble columns stripped from ancient roman buildings. The facade is finely decorated with an impressive marble rose, like the Church of Santa Maggior Maggiore, with the symbols of the evangelists (St. John's eagle, St. Matthew's angel, St. Mark's lion and St. Luke's bull calf).
The cathedral of Tuscania until the 15th Century, it's flanked by two further towers and the bishopric.


The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore - Tuscania

Tel.: 0761.436486
Opening hours: currently closed.

Built in the 8th Century on the site of a previous church, it lies at the feet Colle S. Pietro.
The church contains a particularly detailed early 13th century fresco of the "Judgement Day" and the remains of frescoes. Outside, there are various carvings depicting the Madonna and child, Saints Peter and Paul, the mystic lamb and a scene of Abraham's sacrifice. Plenty of arches and pilasters and a rose, like the Church of San Pietro, with the symbols of the evangelists (St. John's eagle, St. Matthew's angel, St. Mark's lion and St. Luke's bull calf)..

Its bell tower is in an unusual position for Italian churches: in front of the facade.